“Front office personnel very welcoming and gracefully efficient. The X-Ray Tech was awesome and extremely patient with me as I was not able to position myself correctly at first when he was trying to take the x-rays. He managed to adjust the machine and get the job done. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. The rest of my examination was informative and positive. I left the office motivated.”


“I have seen Dr. Romanelli over the years for various sports related injuries and feel very comfortable with his diagnostic abilities and treatment plans. Dr. Romanelli. Is the guy to see if you have an orthopedic injury!”

Lou Ann

“Dr. McGuire is always very patient and answers all questions one might have. He’s an excellent doctor and did a super job with my husband’s knee replacement. I trust him and would choose no one else when my surgery is needed.

Michael was very knowledgeable and explained my surgery very clearly to me. I was very scared for my post-op appt and he made me laugh so much that I forgot my issues. I thank him for taking the time to make me feel better. God has blessed Michael Hamrick with his medical talents.”


“Dr. Barrera is excellent. He’s thoughtful, patient, and thorough. He found the source of my issues when others likely would have missed it. He answered all of my many questions about how to best recover with caring and thoughtfulness. I’d highly recommend him to anyone with a repetitive sports injury. He “gets” the athlete’s mindset.”


“Everyone was very helpful and understanding. There was no wait time, nor was I rushed. The Dr listened to my concerns and explained everything very well.”


“Dr. McGuire was punctual, professional and made us confident that our son was getting the best treatment for his injury. He was able to address our concerns and explained things clearly. He’s a great surgeon and I will recommend him to those needing ortho care.”


“Dr. Saiz is fantastic, great bedside manner, listens and is genuinely concerned about your health and ways to improve your quality of life. Highly recommend.”


“Michael Hamrick is my favorite health care provider! He takes the time to listen to me, he lets me know what’s going on with the procedure & gives me information about other treatment options. I come in for injections in my knees & he’s does a great job of distracting me! I just feel a pinch.”


“After almost a week in being in pain, 2 ER visits and 1 orthopedic surgeon visit. Dr.Barrera was able to diagnose me. On top I got a same day appt. covert satisfied!! I also come all the way from Arlington, TX!”


“I have heard a lot of success stories about Dr Saiz and how much his patients love him, he is straight forward and takes the time to look at all things and question things. I like him. I will recommend him to others.”


“They were very willing to work with me. My care wasn’t just limited to what I thought my problem was, you explored and explained what the solution is. Feeling much better now. l was seen and taken care of in a timely manner. I will definitely refer others to you! Thanks.”


“Dr. McGuire is very professional and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and proposed a treatment plan to accommodate my needs. Highly recommend him!”


“Very satisfied with your services & I know that your patients’ wellbeing is your priority. You have a wonderful, caring, & courteous staff…I am glad that you are my doctor. Thank you.”


“I’ll start by saying: The surgery you performed on my shoulder on Oct. 30th was a great success, recuperation was very quick and painless. Three months after the surgery, I am now using my injured shoulder to a full extent. I would like to include that all personnel working at your clinic, have been very kind, informative and professional. Very satisfied with your service. Thank you Dr. Romanelli.”


“Thanks so very much for your quick diagnosis and professionalism, I feel much better, you treated both of my knees and now my shoulder, very happy with the treatment I received, thank you!”


“The Doctors’ are amazing. They listen to what you are saying. Dr Hamrick you are one in a million. THANK YOU!”


“Jason Redwine has been very helpful with my neck and shoulder problems. The staff is awesome. Very polite and helpful.”


“Thank you Dr. Barrera for your attention and professionalism. The advice and care given have always alleviated or cured my ortopaedic aliments. I am following up with your recommendation for physical therapy and looking forward to working diligently with your recommendations and theirs. Thank you again.”


“Dr Saiz did my discectomy. He did a great job after only a couple of days post op I already noticed the leg pain was significantly better!! The pain in my leg was so terrible! Unless u have had this pain before you have no idea how horrible it is!! Dr saiz was very perfecto all before,during and after the surgery. During surgery he went out (several times) to inform my family of the progress of the surgery and exactly what he was doing and explaining to them what he had found. Turns out my sciatica nerve was wrapped around the herniated “jelly” at L5-S1. And that was the cause of the pain, he removed the “jelly” and put the nerve back in its proper place. Now almost one month post op my leg pain is almost gone . After driving the 3 hours to my first appointment after the surgery I was in a significant amount of pain due to the “driving” so I don’t recommend being in a car for more than 20 to 30 minutes unless absolutely necessary (like an appointment to see him) overall everything is getting better and I couldn’t wait to hug him when I seen him! Thank you so much Dr. Saiz!!!!”


“I can’t say enough about the staff, everyone is professional and friendly. They make you feel welcomed and relaxed. The doctor took the time to explain to me the results of the x-ray. Yes when asked if I would refer them to friends and family the answer is absolutely. Because of the excellent care I can now walk upright and that is a blessing.”


“Every visit has been a pleasant experience. Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates’ physicians and staff are a very attentive and caring group of people who always put the patient first.”


“I have been to several Orthopedics facility’s before and Las Cruces Orthopedics is the best. Everything from the receptionist desk to the nurse who took us back, the x-ray Technician and Michael Hamrick was absolutely fantastic. Thank You for such a great experience.”


“Just had my first visit with Doctor Saiz. I am impressed with his knowledge and expertise as it relates to spinal surgery. Selected Doctor Saiz based on the fact that not only is he a board certified orthopedic surgeon, but he is also a board certified spine surgeon. Also impressed with the mostly positive feedback has received from other patients. Did a lot of research and concluded he is the best qualified doctor to deal with my serious spinal problems. I am hopeful and confident that he can help me with my chronic back condition.”


“Dr. McGuire has always been very attentive to my son’s sport injuries. He had kindly and genuinely cared by treating him and educating him on his injuries and always included my son in deciding how to get him healthy.”


“Very pleased with my followup appointment with Dr. Scarcella. The med he prescribed really lowered my pain level. I’m taking it on a as needed basis and not everyday. I look forward to starting my pt and my followup with Dr. Scarcella.”


“Dr. Romanelli performed an awesome good repair of my rotator cuff tear (large tear). His expertise, office visits & staff have have proven to be the best choice I could have made. I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Romanelli to anyone seeking orthopedic care.”


“I went to Dr. Barrera for both shoulder and my knee. Every time i go and see him and its just a wonderful experience. He listens to every detail i have to say and he is never in a rush. Thank you for being a part of this community strongly recommend him!!!”


“In late 2014, I fractured my wrist and was referred to Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates by another local orthopedic office. Although I’d previously suffered for five months with my broken wrist, Las Cruces Orthopaedics quickly repaired the fracture with a 30-minute surgery. I was very pleased with the care I received, and I HIGHLY recommend them.”


“Have received excellent care for over 20 years. Two hip replacements, shoulder surgery, treatment for knee joints and more. Wife and professional colleagues and friends who have been patients all give very high marks in all categories. Michael Harrick, Dr. McGuire are especially outstanding caregivers, kind and professional…and they listen and answer questions clearly. 5 STARS!”


“My name is Oscar I am 52 years old man had a little accident I didn’t know if I have fractured or broken or tore something in my knee so I called Las Cruces Orthopedics at 8:45 a.m. and they schedule me an appointment at 9:20 a.m. same day. I was very pleased with the staff that works there I filled out paperwork to register they took me back to get x-rays put me in a room Doctor came to examine me gave me good news my knee was not broken told me what I had to do…. and I like to thank all them for the services I highly recommend Las Cruces Orthopedics thanks to Dr. Jason Rewine”


“It is a place where I met Dr. Romanelli who did two rotator cuff operations, one in each shoulder. The doctor and his staff were extremely professional, but also very caring. More recently, I have been receiving Synvisc shots in each knee from Mr. Hamrick, Dr. Romanelli’s nurse practitioner. He also is very professional and caring. I would highly recommend this orthopedic group to my friends.”

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