Daniel A. Romanelli, M.D.
Sports Medicine and General Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Romanelli is Board certified in both Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. He is the New Mexico delegate for American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine (AOSSM). He completed his fellowship training in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA. He received his BA from UCLA and his medical degree from New York Medical College. Dr. Romanelli serves as an orthopedic consultant for NMSU Athletics and Las Cruces Area High Schools. He has also served as one of the Team Physicians for the U.S. National Soccer team. He was also appointed as Program Director for the Mountain View Orthopedic Residency.

He has also served as Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedics for the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and currently is a peer reviewer for The University of New Mexico Orthopedics Research Journal. Dr. Romanelli is proud to be a Spanish speaking physician on staff. For more information, visit his website: www.drdanielromanelli.com

Forensic Orthopedics & Expert Witness

Dr. Romanelli is also involved in forensic orthopedics and expert witness through his orthopedic specialties. His specialties in this field are in Forensic Orthopedics, Orthopedic Expert Witness, Slip, Trip and Fall with Orthopedic Injuries, Orthopedic Medical/Legal Consulting, Orthopedic Malpractice, and Orthopedic IME Provider. Visit Dr. Romanelli’s forensic orthopedics and expert witnessing website to learn more.

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Information by Dr. Romanelli

Dr. Romanelli Performs New Technique for Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears.

" The superior capsule reconstruction is a treatment option for massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears. Treatment goals of such tears are to reduce pain, restore shoulder function and delay the need for reverse shoulder [...]

Current Research Projects

  1. Altered Somatosensory Cortex Activation in ACL Reconstruction Patients during Single Leg Balance Task An,YW PhD, Meyers,B DO, Romanelli,D MD, Keeley,D PhD. Orthopedic, AAOS 2019 Poster Presentation

Articles and Publications Dr. Romanelli Has Contributed To

  1. Bi-Plane Flouroscopy Assessment of the Pitching Motion
    1. Jared Cook D.O.
    2. Mike Torry PhD.
    3. Kevin Shelburne PhD.
    4. Michelle Sabick PhD.
    5. David Keeley PhD.
    6. Charles Metzger M.D.
    7. Daniel Romanelli M.D.
  2. Ultrasound Assessment of the Tendon of the Long Head of the Biceps Brachii Following Extemded Pitching
    1. Rachel Brandl D.O.
    2. David Keeley PhD.
    3. Charles Metzger M.D.
    4. Daniel Romanelli M.D.
  3. An Investigation of Biomechanical Changes Throughout an Extended Performance in UCL Intact and UCL Deficient Pitchers
    1. Jared Cooke D.O.
    2. David Keeley PhD.
    3. Charles Metzger M.D.
    4. Daniel Romanelli M.D.
  4. Biomechanical Changes in Youth Pitching Mechanics Throughout an Extended Performance
    1. David Keeley PhD.
    2. Charles Metzger M.D.
    3. Daniel Romanelli M.D.
  5. How ACL-reconstruction Impacts Patients Brain During Postural Control Testing
    1. Ben Meyers D.O.
    2. Yong Woo An, PhD., ATC
    3. Daniel Romanelli M.D.