Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates makes every attempt possible to return patients back to work and activity as quickly as possible. We recognize that when the injury is work-related, there are many questions patients, employers, case managers and insurance adjustors have and that’s why we’ve created this department.

If you are an insurance adjustor or nurse case manager, we hope that you find these forms appropriate for your scheduling or information request. Find the form that best fits your needs. We have the ability to determine if workers’ compensation is appropriate by:

  • Diagnosing an injury

  • Determining the extremities of the injury

  • Determining the amount of time necessary for injury recovery

  • Educating patients about workers’ compensation in New Mexico

  • Assisting with necessary documentation

If you should require additional information, we have a dedicated office staff member to meet your needs.
Call 575-525-3535, ext. 155 for your easy access. It’s that easy!

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