Overuse Tendonitis

Shoulder motions used during activities like golfing, pitching, or carrying luggage may cause repetitive stress within the rotator cuff, leading to irritation, bruising, or fraying. This can cause shoulder pain and weakness in the joint.

Impingement Tendonitis

When the space is narrowed between the rotator cuff and the bony acromion above it, the bone pinches and irritates the cuff. This can happen when the cuff is weak, the bursa is swollen, or the acromion angles down too far. Tendonitis caused by impingement can occur with repetitive shoulder activities, such as sports or jobs involving overhead reaching.

Calcification Tendonitis

Inflammation can sometimes result in a build-up of calcium deposits within the rotator cuff, leading to pain and loss of shoulder strength and movement.


Sever tendonitis from impingement, degeneration, or sudden injuries like falling can cause partial or complete tearing of the rotator cuff. This can result in shoulder pain, weakness, and loss of normal movement.