Why Your Neck and Lower Back Hurt

Neck and lower back pain is a common condition around the globe. Many factors contribute to neck and lower back pain: age, genetics, heavy physical work, obesity, smoking, depression, and work dissatisfaction. Some of the risk factors are not easily preventable, but neck and lower back pain is manageable.


Sacro-iliac Pain

During my training (residency and fellowships), the sacro-iliac joint (SI joint) was rarely addressed. This complicated piece of anatomy is responsible for transferring weight from the legs to back/ torso and vice versa. The stresses [...]

Smoking and Spine Surgery

Patient's often respond with questioning about their smoking habits with "I know.....I know". We all know the negative effects of smoking in regards to cancer and pulmonary function. What about Spine Surgery? Whether it's basic [...]

SPORT Results-What Does It Mean?

The other day in clinic a patient asked me about the “SPORT” study they had read about in the paper. I explained the research trial to the patient and in turn they stated that most [...]

Is Fusion Bad?

Simply put, a spine fusion is where the body attempts to grow new bone in an area that had no prior bone. Surgeons typically perform fusion surgery for instability of the spine, fractures, tumors, infections, [...]

Love Can Take Your Pain Away

Recently at a lecture in San Francisco during the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS); I was able to listen to a talk regarding narcotic use in Pain Management. Sean Mackey, MD Chief of Pain [...]

Vitamin D Deficiency Common in Surgery Patients

Ask any Spine Surgery patient at Las Cruces Orthopedic Associates (LCOA) and they will tell you that after surgery; protein shakes and Vitamin pills are routine. Many people unknowingly, are low in certain vitamins which [...]

The Aging Spine

by Paul Saiz, M.D. Back pain is as common as it is enigmatic. An estimated 90% of the population will experience at least one episode of back pain with the vast majority of symptoms resolving [...]

Spinal Stenosis

The more miles you put on the car the more likely you are to have wear and tear changes occur. This is a simple mechanical phenomena that applies to our spine as well. Our lumbar [...]

New Advances in the Treatment of Spinal Tumors

by Paul Saiz, M.D. Back pain has many faces and most problems of the spine are self-limiting and benign. In fact, 90% of low back pain, for example, will resolve without physician intervention. However, if [...]

Lumps, Bumps, and Masses

As clinicians we have all encountered the situation where a patient asks "Doc, I have this bump here," or, we review an X-ray with "something funny in the bone." These are precarious situations because we [...]

Kyphoplasty vs Vertebroplasty

What is the difference? With the introduction of new technologies in medicine, understanding each new technique is becoming more and more difficult. Minimally invasive procesdures are in full bloom and the spine is benefiting from [...]