Why Your Shoulder Hurts

Your shoulder is probably painful if your rotator cuff tendons are swollen or damaged – for any number of reasons. Maybe you fell on your shoulder or strained it by doing too much reaching or lifting. Maybe you threw one too many pitches or twisted your shoulder during exercise class. Even activities like working in the yard or cleaning a closet could have triggered pain in your rotator cuff tendons. And the older you get, the weaker your muscles and tendons become, making them more easily injured.

Shoulder Instability

What Is Shoulder Instability? You stretch to reach something in the back seat of the car or on a high shelf. Suddenly, your shoulder joint feels like it's slipping out of place. Does this sound [...]

Bursititis & Tendon Injury

Overuse Tendonitis Shoulder motions used during activities like golfing, pitching, or carrying luggage may cause repetitive stress within the rotator cuff, leading to irritation, bruising, or fraying. This can cause shoulder pain and weakness in [...]

Repairing Rotator Cuff Tear

Arthroscopic Surgery Your orthopaedist can get a detailed look at your rotator cuff by using an arthroscope, a pencil-shaped lighting and lens system. Corrective procedures, such as making more space for tendon movement or repairing [...]