Epicondylitis is an inflammation or tearing of a muscle or tendon at the elbow. If the outside of the elbow is inflamed, this is called lateral epicondylitis (or “tennis elbow”). It is the most common form of epicondylitis. Medial epicondylitis occurs when the inside of the elbow is inflamed. Either problem can be caused by moving the elbow or hand the wrong way, or too much too often. Whatever the cause, treatment is needed to relieve pain and regain use of your elbow.

Lateral Epicondylitis

Tendons and muscles near the bony knob (epicondyle) on the outer elbow become inflamed and may develop tiny tears. The muscle and tendon that let you extend your wrist and turn your palm up are most at risk for this problem.

Medial Epicondylitis

Tendons and muscles at the bony knob of the inner elbow become inflamed and torn. This problem can be caused by a movement that turns the arm down and flexes the wrist, such as a golf swing. One or more muscles and tendons along the inner elbow may be injured.