Ask any Spine Surgery patient at Las Cruces Orthopedic Associates (LCOA) and they will tell you that after surgery; protein shakes and Vitamin pills are routine. Many people unknowingly, are low in certain vitamins which could slow down healing or inhibit fusion. Fusion is the biologic process where the patient manufactures new bone in an area that had no prior bone. This requires the body to use raw materials such as calcium and protein to integrate live bone cells into a weight bearing structure. Vitamins speed up the process and help the body fight off potential infection.

Jacob Buchowski, MD presented a paper at the North American Spine Society in November 2011 detailing “alarmingly high” Vitamin D deficiency in patients undergoing spinal fusion. Patients with low Vitamin D levels were more likely to have lower bone mineral density and a higher prevalence of nerve findings. “Upping patient vitamin D levels through supplementation is safe, it is effective, it is inexpensive….”

All patients at LCOA undergoing Spine Surgery receive Vit A, C, D, E and Zinc Sulfate post operatively as well as protein supplementation to help the healing process, fight infection and assist with fusion.

Paul Saiz, MD