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Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates practices the art of medicine with the best practices out there that have proven effectiveness no matter what the issue is. Our center provides total management of patient care by physicians who are Board Certified in their fields.

Many practices don’t offer in-house services that you need in one place. You’ll end up going to at least three different locations to gather MRIs, X-rays, and equipment. But, when you choose Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates, we provide ALL the services you need to begin the healing process.

At Las Cruces Orthopadic Associates, we know that and work-related injury or condition can have great impacts on your livelihood. That is why we help our patients get the ball rolling with workers’ compensation. We also have the ability to determine if workers’ compensation is appropriate.

Now, what is the problem? We have the answers.

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